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The Alphans are given the responsibility of policing the cease-fire: the Moon's unique position in space allows them to observe both planets. Unexpectedly, Dione supports this plan—without the element of surprise, she reflects, her mission has failed. On Alpha, Bergman realises that the two habitable planets revolve around their sun in such a way that they are always on opposing sides—neither planet is ever visible to the other. When Victor Bergman announces that the planet is not only habitable but inhabited, contact procedures are initiated. He proposes negotiating a cease-fire between the two planets. On September 13, 1999, disaster strikes and the nuclear waste explodes causing a chain reaction that hurls the Moon out of Earth's orbit and into deep space. The show is a follow-up to the 1980 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which was presented by Carl Sagan on the Public Broadcasting Service and is considered a milestone for scientific documentaries. Ironically, several segments originally filmed were dropped: (1) A scene in which Bergman and Helena express their anxiety as the first gunship approaches Alpha: Bergman states that tension makes him cheerful and chatty and Helena congratulates him for suffering from 'Lyle's Syndrome'. 01. An Eagle is sent onto the surface of the planet Psychon, which has titanium, needed for repairs to the Alpha Base. Some subterranean miner start chanting for a planet that will cause the Moon to pass through a nebula deadly to those living at Moonbase Alpha. Episode Ep. 05. Shooting script titled The Mutiny dated 16th September 1976. 7.2 (207) 0. 4. Secretly pleased with the turn of events, Dione is escorted to Sandra Benes' quarters to rest. Drew Gaska's comic "Aftershock and Awe" shows Shermeen in 1999 as a 10 year old schoolgirl whose visit to Alpha is a prize for winning a science fair. Sep 26, 2020 - Explore Landlordbloke's board "Space 1999 Girls" on Pinterest. Filmed 18th October- 30th October 1976. But he is now disillusioned with the way that Life has progressed and wishes to start again. 04. Fanderson - The Official Gerry Anderson Website. The screenplay was written by Bob Kellett (with additional material contributed by Johnny Byrne); the director was Bob Kellett. The downside is that it is now 2120 on Earth and the surface has become an unbreathable wasteland through centuries of pollution. "Dragon's Domain" is the eighth episode of the first series of Space: 1999. El 13 de septiembre de 1999, ocurrió una inmensa catástrofe cósmica de proporciones aún no cuantificadas totalmente. Rate. Helena finds the proposition of committing the Alpha people to a life on a planet at war unthinkable. War Games. Live-action filming took place between 20 December 1974 and 9 … After the channel is closed, he reveals his behaviour was a ruse, then orders Technical Section to stand by for instructions. Space: 1999 (Italian: Spazio 1999) is a science-fiction television programme that ran for two seasons from 1975 to 1977. This re-mount concluded the filming of the first series.[2]. Episode Ep. 4 Sep. 1976 The Metamorph. Soon, the meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a large gunship from Delta. He plans to mate Helena and Tony and Maya with Koenig. As she greets her all-female crew, her second-in-command informs her they have detected radio signals from the travelling Moon. The ship releases a thunderous missile barrage—without hitting Alpha. Breakaway. They meet Zoran, the sole survivor of the last exploratory force, who tells them that the planet is controlled by an immortal being - with whom Koenig must parley if he and his crew are to leave the planet alive. Koenig cryptically comments that, if this is her final decision, she only has herself to blame. When negotiations commence, it becomes apparent this is a literal war of the sexes between male- and female-dominated planets. Episode 15 Regarder 1/12/1982; Interviews (Crew) Regarder Interviews (Vintage Barbara Bain) Regarder Interviews (Vintage Gerry Anderson) Regarder Interviews (Catherine Schell) Regarder Space 1999 Year 1 Alternate Ending Regarder; Destination Moonbase-Alpha Regarder After an atomic explosion blasts the Moon out of … Whilst he is exploring an asteroid Koenig is taken over by an alien race known as the Kalthon, who replace him with an exact double. See more ideas about Space 1999, Space, Space 1999 tv series. Despite the risk of provoking an attack on the base by the opposing planet, they must obtain information from the gunship's survivors. Koenig mounts the observation balcony with a set of binoculars and observes the missile strike impacting on the red planet on the right-hand side of the sun. Dione offers to call her military command for sufficient reinforcements to protect Alpha. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a 2014 American science documentary television series. Force of Life. Brian's creator Captain Michael and his crew have all died in mysterious circumstances and Brian asks for the help of Koenig and his crew. The tall and imposing Magus arrives on board the ship. However, for every one of his race made flesh, an Alphan must lose their matter. An older woman—Commissioner Theia, head of Bethan Defence—appears on a screen to announce that the Council has unanimously decided to strike first, before the travelling Moon gets any closer. Cosmos 1999 is indeed very popular in France, and the boxed set of "Amicalement Vôtre" (The Persuaders!) AllisonRheyr2230. You can read about you favourite episode or perhaps why the series was cancelled. She links up with an alien, called Vindrus, who wants her help in transferring his body and that of his race, into solid matter, giving them proper human form so that they can join the universe as real matter. Sandra then goes for refreshments. The guns were firing over them. The latest extra-terrestials to be rescued by the Moon Alpha Base crew are Pasc and his young son Etrec. Cosmos 1999 - series sur It's 1999 and Moonbase Alpha has been built on the Moon to safeguard the nuclear waste shipped from Earth. See more ideas about Space 1999, Space 1999 tv series, Space. Voyager's Return. Season: OR . He will, but only on the condition she stop firing. With an air of desperation, Koenig contacts Dione, declaring his intent to come out and meet with her on Satazius. Koenig rebukes her for involving the Alphans in their conflict. While unconscious and connected to an experimental brain machine, Koenig dreams that he and his friends are on the way home. Bergman speculates they have drifted into the middle of a war between two opponents that never have a direct line-of-sight to exchange fire; any missiles launched from either planet surface would be drawn in by the sun's gravity. Upon awakening everyone appears to be hideous monsters. The second page was a cast list (at least all speaking parts), and the third page a set list. derrickjephson88yah30. 8. The premise of the film, set decades after the events of the TV series (of which "The Dorcons" is the final episode), is that Moonbase Alpha's life-support systems have finally started to fail. When certain she is alone, Dione puts her fingers to her temples, concentrates, and dematerialises. Missiles on random trajectories batter the Moon surface in search of the enemy gunship. After making a play for Koenig where she flirtatiously repeats her invitation to settle on Betha, she assists in setting up a three-way communications link between Alpha and the two planets. Dione reports to her ship, the colossal battle-wagon Satazius. Helena records the date of the episode as 2004, about 4 and a half years after the Breakaway, so Shermeen would have been 17. Ship's engineer Patrick Osgood believes he can obtain tiranuim to make a new heart for his sick wife Michelle, from the catacombs of the moon, using explosives. With the Bethan gunship knocked out, all the affected Moonbase systems resume normal function. 25 September 1975 25 Sep 1975. 11 September 1975 11 Sep 1975. Here, in France, we are preparing for this box set release and everybody thinks it will be a best-seller. According to Martin Landau "It was jazzed up because some people said it was too slow." A strange cloud drifts over the base and causes most of the crew to be stricken with illness. See more ideas about Space 1999, Space, Space 1999 tv series. See more ideas about Space 1999, Ufo, Gerry anderson. Koenig crosses his fingers that the treaty lasts for at least four hours—the time it will take for the Moon to move beyond missile range and become useless to both planets. May 9, 2020 - Explore Gary Sanders's board "Space 1999", followed by 1291 people on Pinterest. Rate. Jun 22, 2020 - Explore markxray45's board "Space 1999", followed by 639 people on Pinterest. When Koenig calls, Dione smugly informs him he has been the victim of an elaborate deception. (2) Koenig ordering the Alphans to board the Eagles and stand by to fly to Betha in the event of a missile hit on Main Mission and subsequent shots of people boarding the ships and the ships standing by in the maintenance hangar. The first page was a title page, with series and episode title, copyright (to Group 3 Productions in Year 1, Gerry Anderson Productions in Year 2), and telephone ("Iver 654160"). It fails to return and is used by Psychon scientist Mentor as a bait with which to entice other members of the Alphan crew onto the planet. Trivia Benjamin Ouma was meant to be a series regular but people disliked working with Lon Satton so he was fired., Filming began at Elstree Studios. Dr. Russell aids Koenig to overcome his own "ghosts", and prevent Carolyn from taking over the Moonbase. She insists this was not her intention; her surprise strike was supposed to be swift and decisive—but the Deltans seemed prepared for this strategy. In the year 1999, the Earth's moon is torn from its orbit when a nuclear explosion occurs on a radioactive dump site, sending moon base Alpha and its crew on a journey through the galaxy. The machines explain to the visitors that their human overlords are in a state of regeneration but the chief machine, the Guardian,sees the Alphans as posing a threat and it is down to two newly regenerated females known as A and B to decide their fates. It is Scotland in the fourteenth century where the Scots are at war with the English invaders, who kidnap the ... A sinister woman called Zamara materializes on the base, forcing Helena and Tony to accompany her to the planet of Vega, whose natives are anything but friendly. Death's Other Dominion. "The Infernal Machine" is the twenty-first episode of the first series of Space: 1999. Mr Muir has a very readable narrative style and often compairs Space 1999 to other television series such as Star Trek. After checking the pod for any dangerous emissions, Koenig orders an airlock station opened to receive the craft. He claims godlike powers, namely that he effected the Creation. He delivers an ultimatum: Alpha will be bombarded at intervals until he receives the coordinates or the ship is destroyed. The Moon is in transit of a small solar system. Dione smiles predatorily; they have waited a long time for this. 03. When US election night goes wrong: Looking back at Bush v Gore and hanging chads. This is too bad, but in my opinion it does not diminish the impact of the piece. The episode was adapted in the fifth Year One Space: 1999 novel Lunar Attack by John Rankine, published in 1975. The Deltan gunship launches missiles at Betha, with Dione's people replying in kind. Koenig orders Carter's Eagle One to lift-off and reconnoitre the wreck; the astronaut notes the substantial hole blasted in one side as he approaches. Koenig convinces Helena and Maya that their supposed rescuers from earth are really hostile aliens who want a nuclear explosion on Moonbase Alpha. A voice from the cloud explains its purpose. Though Helena is making a new heart for Michelle, its repeated failures cause Osgood to become impatient. Lambda waves permeate Moonbase Alpha, causing instruments to malfunction and people to behave out of character. The expansive Taybor, an inter-galactic merchant arrives from hyper-space on his ship the 'Emporium'. Year: Season 2. Koenig leads a small landing force and discovers a glowing rock formation which comes alive and cuts off the party's links with the base. Koenig realizes that if the Taybor sold them his space-ship, it would enable the Alphans to fly back to Earth, but the price the Taybor is asking for this transaction is Maya. The arrival of the Moon has given them a ready-made gun platform in space. Rate. And he is ready to do the same to the Alphans unless they supply him with enough nuclear fuel to sustain him "forever". La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 3 mai 2019 à 17:29. It eventually becomes clear that the Lambda Variant has amplified psychic abilities on the base, in particular for Carolyn Powell, whose lover was previously Sally's boyfriend, and who is beset by jealous rage. She then realises the moon buggy is a trap. Several crew members explore the planet Sunin, including botanist Shermeen Williams, who appears to have visionary gifts. Previous titles include "The Second Sex" and "The Other Enemy". 10. Sensors reveal it to be an enormous space vessel heading directly for the Moon. Each scene was numbered sequentially. Helena and Tony convince Koenig that the alien couple are innocent beings and to allow them the chance to recover their people. The adventures of Space: 1999 begin. Cosmos A Space-Time Odyssey S01 - Ep07 The Clean Room HD Watch. See more ideas about Space 1999, Space 1999 tv series, Space. 3. 9. Bergman is concerned by the Commander's uncharacteristic aggression. 7. 0. A servant of the Vegans, known only as Number Eight, informs the two Alphans that he and his race are the natural inhabitants of the planet and that Zamara and her race are androids, who, it turns out, want the Alphans to teach them warfare. He is offering to sell things to the Alphans. They acknowledge, destroying the next wave of missiles on target for Alpha. 1. Space: 1999 (TV Series 1975–1977) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Safe in his office, Koenig bids Dione good-bye as the remote-controlled moon buggy comes in contact with the hull—setting off its load of nuclear charges. The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space. The Alphans, though, are intent on abandoning the wandering moon. 6. World News from PA Media. The final shooting script is dated 25 October 1974. However, the planet survey is interrupted by the detection of an unidentified powered object. John Koenig and the Main Mission staff observe a star flanked by two small planets; one red, one blue. Mentor is building a biological computer which will hopefully transform his deteriorating planet back into the Eden it once was. 3' (previously heard in "Force of Life") was used as atmosphere during the Dione-on-Betha scenes;[3] played at a slower speed, it gave the women's planet an ethereal quality. The book details plot synopsis on all the episodes as well as the shows history and final cancellation. Helena disagrees; she would rather take her chances drifting through space than live under a permanent state of war. In the opening episode, set on 13 September 1999, nuclear waste stored on the Moon's far side explodes, knocking the Moon out of orbit and sending it, as well as the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space. The script comprised a prologue (or "hook"), acts one to four, and an epilogue. Insisting the Alphans are innocent dupes, Koenig informs him of the Bethans' treachery. Koenig and Verdeschi are sucked into a space warp. A monster, the 'cloud creature' appears out of the cloud and runs amok on the base. 2:53. Having listened in on the channel, Dione promises Koenig that if he gives in to Talos, she will turn her guns on Alpha and fire at point-blank range. 06. Helena realizes that something is wrong when 'Koenig' is cold to the touch and needs to convince the other crew members. Space: 1999 is a British science-fiction television series that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977. But of course he is not God but a renegade cosmic sorcerer, and quite illogical at that, who needs to be controlled. When she is discovered missing, a search commences—until the lift-off of the Bethan escape pod reveals Dione's whereabouts. The Alpha Moonbase needs a rare ore known as Milgonite, which is detected on an extremely dry planet. Episode Ep. A three-day re-mount was scheduled from Tuesday 25 February 1975 through Thursday 28 February 1975. Cosmos S01E02 One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue part 1/2. The craft lands at the designated launch pad, where Koenig, Helena, Bergman and a Security squad assemble at the airlock to greet its occupants. As he hovers over the gunship, a tiny escape craft is launched and sets course for Alpha. Koenig briefs Alan Carter to lead his Eagle squadron in a coordinated attack, with all ships firing simultaneously. Dione's crew soon sights a moon buggy approaching with a single occupant. When a ship carrying a prisoner lands at Moonbase Alpha after asking for assistance, Maya insists that the prisoner is a poet and not a murderer and releases him. Dione reboards her ship, arriving on an undamaged bridge staffed by an uninjured crew. As Helena Russell reflects on how wonderful it would be to have a choice, far ahead on Betha (the blue planet pictured on the sun's left-hand side), a glamorous observer watches the approaching Moon with equal anticipation.

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