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Akasha Academy is the prime suspect--what is Anastasia hiding behind her knowing smile? Height Furthermore, the Demon Lord Candidate would promise to help Okto rescue her remaining sisters across Dante's Gate. However, later on, Abyss Trinity fused with the sword and visited Arata and Lilith right before Lilith's battle started in the Magic Tournament. Nontheless Lilim is willing to sacrifice herself to protect those she cares for, prompting them to promise to reunite in the future. Almost immediately after, he would ignore the incident and continue to act normally, surprisng her of his perverted and nonchalant nature. He considers this to be the final frontier. Ordered by Mira to destroy him, their first encounter would involve her nearly obliterating him if not thanks to Yui's intervention. Arata Kasuga春日 アラタ (Kasuga Arata) With the truth revealed, Sora would then return the area to it's destroyed state, as well as reveal that Hijiri was still alive. Likewise, Anna also seems to enjoy being with him, usually flirting with him whenever they meet. ), refers to the devices of sorcery, usually in the form of books, containing knowledge about magic. Possessing great magical power as a Demon Lord, Arata may potentially already be immortal. When Arata's magic goes out of control, he forms a very powerful Breakdown Phenomenon. Despite being a Demon Lord Candidate, both of Arata's parents were normal people without magic. Lieselotte Sherlock - As the last member of the Trinity Seven Arata meets, Lieselotte originally was missing before Arata transferred to Biblia Academy. They both care and are willing to fight for each other, becoming concerned when the other is not well. who does arata end up with. After dispatching with the Code-D dragon surrounding her, Arata was quick to get to know the new side of Yui the girl who saved him chapters ago. Despaired, Arata would then demand Sora to bring back his normal days. During these situations, he usually quotes: "Thank you for the treat" or something to that effect. Archived. Gender Nevertheless, she is willing to support and fight for him. It is also hinted that she may have developed feelings for him. Possessing a close and understanding bond, the two continue to remain cordial and care for one another even after reuniting as adversaries. Along with that, the essence of Logos Art she learned also got absorbed, changing Arata into Acedia's Blue Demon Lord - Chrono Trinity. Although, the brother of Arata's father, Hijiri's father, including Hijri and her mother, were actually Magus'. For instance, he refused a kiss from Yui due to believing that was something they should do when they're closer. After copying Akio's Mantra Enchantment magic, his Magus mode changed to a white mandarin collared sleeveless shirt, worn over by a black sleeveless stand up collared jacket. SuperbiaLuxuriaGulaAcediaIra When a Breakdown Phenomenon was destroying their town, Hijiri would give the grimoire to Arata, asking her to protect him and grant his wish before disappearing. Arata's first and primary magic is nicknamed Stark Naked Magic[1], momentarily controlling all magic in the surrounding area and forcibly dispelling the magic. She was worried about him if he would fight Hijiri and lose her forever as well. Almost instantly, he became aware of her presence, blushing when he tried to approach her. However, he now includes a vest over the dress shirt and a red tie. One day, the boy’s customary u… or who does he like the most and has that been stated? Arata Kasuga has always been considered an ordinary teenager. spoiler. She especially does not like him meeting other girls other than the Trinity Seven, stating they were alright because they were friends. However, she will usually become embarrassed when he accidentally strips her with his magic. Afterward, she would leave him some last instructions before kissing him, asking him to remember her. A light novel adaptation by Kenji Saitō with art by Akinari Nao is being published by Kadokawa Shoten. Lemons of course. Despite her actions, Arata would not hold a grudge against her, thanking her for taking care of him and asking her to join him, which she happily agreed. During the final battle with Abyss Trinity, she would help disarm his weapon, expressing that it was her nature to take all the good things for her husband. Antes de la inscripción de Arata en la Royal Biblia Academy, ella desapareció hasta reaparecer ante sus amigos como un mago malvado. They would not actually meet until Arin caused Arata to create a Breakdown Phenomenon which began destroying the school. Royal Biblia Academy Relative(s) Since that mission, Mira's attitude towards Arata has softened, becoming more caring and willing to fight for him. She would suddenly reappear in front of him and the rest of the Trinity Seven, including her sister Selina, as an evil mage. Out of the Trinity Seven, Levi is the only member that he has not been able to strip with his magic. Black Arata first met Lugh during Ish Kerioth's attack on Biblia Academy where he accidentally fell on top of her and touched her breast, much to her embarrassment. Notably, Arata's apparent attraction to Anna has caused some jealousy from the other girls. They would not formally meet until later when Anna helped him after he fainted from a hallucination. Trinity Form: Signifying that he has become a true magic king, Arata's attire in this form includes a white long-sleeved shirt, under a shoulder cape and collared vest with arm gloves. Arata has a carefree and cheerful personality, usually bantering and teasing others even in dangerous situations. Selina Sherlock  - Selina is one of Arata's classmates and good friend in Royal BIlbia Academy. Investigating further, she discovered Arata as the source and demanded that he give up his grimoire. Rubine - Despite being on opposing sides, Arata and Rubine normally behave in an amiable manner towards one another while coming into conflict on occasion. After that moment, Lieselotte has since become very grateful to Arata for saving her, caring deeply for him and getting jealous whenever he interacts with other girls. Despite this, Arata does not hold her actions against her and still treats her normally. Trinity Seven stars Arata Kasuga, a perverted young man with incredible magic potential. Later on, they would work together to liberate Lieselotte from her frozen world. He would not find out until they would meet again when he became trapped inside her alternate dimension while investigating the disappearance of Lieber Academy. In middle school, Arata would develop his perverted side, often encountering various embarrassing situations with Hijiri. 1. Royal Biblia Academy Out of the Trinity Seven, Lilith is probably the closest to Arata and interacts with him the most. Although, she often becomes very flustered by his perverted teasing and antics, causing her to become extremely embarrassed or angry, sometimes even act out violently. Trinity Seven, a title which makes very little sense (how can a trinity – 3 people – have seven members? Affiliation(s) Mira is a serious and driven individual, having a very passionate belief in justice. ; Balanced Harem: While Lilith is the main heroine, all the members of Trinity Seven are relevant and Arata would gladly take all of them as his lovers. Ceres - Though the both of them never really met, but Arata did have a similar feeling of her when she saw her in a dream. However, because Lilim possesses his magic, Arata can utilize her to replenish himself at the cost of Lilim reverting to her original state. Ironically, after Arata masters Judecca, she quickly desires the weapon which immediately drains her magic in an erotic manner when she touches it. ... Everything Trinity Seven related. Anime She helps Arata whenever he uses his Demon eukaryotic power with her voice. Trinity Seven is a fantasy romantic comedy manga series by Kenji Saitō with art by Akinari Nao. Arin has since become very attached to Arata, becoming jealous whenever he interacts with other girls. However, some time later, she would also end up creating her own Breakdown Phenomenon due to interactions with Arata which caused her magic to become unstable. 3 of. In times of need, Arata can become very dependable. But for the meantime, she has been content on allowing them to remain together temporarily, although she intends to appraise his abilities. Sin embargo, todo cambió en día del Sol Negro, y seguido de ello, un mago aparece ante él. Astral Trinity would then order her to submit herself to him. Performance However, despite her willingness, Arata surprisingly holds himself back; once refusing a kiss from her, stating that that was something for when they were closer. Lilith Asami As the first mage (besides Hijiri, whom he didn't know was a mage initially) and member of the Trinity Seven that Arata encounters, Lilith was the person responsible for introducing Arata to the magic world. However, this has resulted in his Demon Lord Element to drain him, causing pain and hallucination. Hereafter, he would master the Logos Art with her help and bring her back to the real world. Gender Affiliation(s) Notably, Levi is also the only member left of the Trinity Seven that Arata has not seen naked, which Arata considers his "final frontier.". Arin is quite blase, typically only having a serious or blank expression and rarely showing any other emotions. Following his transfer to Biblia Academy, Arata and Sora have gotten along very well due to their similar easygoing and perverted nature, often teasing and playing off with one another. Akio has once stated that it was fun being with him. Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians, 8:80–118. Normally, he wears the dress shirt top button unbuttoned and untucked with the tie loosened. Mira would eventually allow Arata to live after he stopped the Breakdown Phenomenon, but continued to distrust him as she viewed him as an "impure" existence. As such, Arata possesses the strongest form of magic negations, capable of even dispersing many Breakdown Phenomenons. Arata also usually wears his grimoires in the fashion of a necklace or tied around his hand. All credit goes to its creator. Since that mission, Akio has started to call him "big brother" and her "beloved." This feat is accomplished by his grimoires rearranging the magic into one he can wield through the following steps: Upon completion, Arata then is able to access and cast spells with his own variation. Magic(s) High-quality Trinity Seven Wall Art designed and sold by artists. In her dream world, he would first meet her idealized self. Together with Lilith, these six form the Trinity Seven, the elite of the school who each bolster their own power and skill. 11. Furthermore, Mira greatly dislikes anything or anyone she considers impure, bec… 175 cm "Principle & Break Zero." Complying with his wish, the grimoire would recreate the world in a different dimension and pose as Hijiri until Lilith's arrival. Manga Their usual interactions often involve teasing others with perverse jokes and situations. Anime Notably, despite being a Demon Lord Candidate, Arata was born as an average child with no magical abilities to a normal family until he awakens his magic in high school. Arata fulfillment of the Trinity (mastering three Themas) grants him the ability to use the Magic King weapon, the Black Imperial Sword Judecca. Art by Akinari Nao. who does arata end up with. Okto - Arata would initially meet Okto after incapiacitating the demon army she summoned to evaluate his strength. Characteristics The first time this happens, he triggers Astral Trinity's awakening to prevent it. However, he has gradually been able to partially control the changes. While invoking his magic to control a Breakdown Phenomenon, both his hair and eyes will begin to turn white, resembling Astral Trinity. Recently, it has been hinted that she may have developed feelings for him, becoming jealous when he gets close to other girls. Height Upon transferring to Biblia, she was one of first few people he meets, accidentally bumping into him while announcing his arrival as a Magic King Candidate. Furthermore, Arata has become adept in combat tactics, capable of providing guidance and directions to his friends during battle. Status Promising to save her, he would become determined to master her magic, Logos Arts, to bring her back. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. “Impel Arm & Trinity Process”. One day, the bright red sun stopped shining, causing the "Breakdown Phenomenon"—the destruction of Arata Kasuga's town and the disappearance of the people inhabiting it. Hijiri, Levi, Yui, and Lieselotte have all at one point or more kissed Arata on one part of his body. The boy grew up with his cousin Hijiri, who had been his best friend since childhood. Being just as crafty and perverted as him, she and Arata easily got along with each other. Magic(s) The bottom half consists of white pants wrapped around by a strong and tied with an abrasive belt. The shoulder cape, vest, sarong, waist-cloth, booths, and arm gloves have a black with white edges or cuffs design. However, upon exhausting a majority of his magic, Arata is unable to maintain his fusion with Judecca which requires him to rest until he recovers. When Arata, whom had forgotten about the ordeal, began to become suspicious, she attempted to dissuade him from the truth by offering to follow his desires. The first is Kasuga Hijiri, who is his entire motivation for becoming a magician and his driving force for most of the story. Join. Trinity Seven Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. During battles, they are able to work together effectively as a team, trusting and caring for one another deeply. Arata is a slender young man, with shaggy cut dark hair, and dark eyes. After a Breakdown Phenomenon destroys his hometown and causes his cousin Hijiri to disappear, Arata becomes determined to save her by becoming a Magus and transferring to the Royal Bibilia Academy where he fatefully meets the Trinity Seven. Nevertheless, Lieselotte took an immediately liking to him, finding him interesting and amusing. El Sol Negro causó el Fenómeno del Desglose que destruyó el pueblo de Arata. Male She does not mind his perverted behavior and plays along with his antics. Age 2. Hijiri, a secret mage, sacrificed herself in order to protect Arata, which would later motivate him to become a magus as well in order to rescue her. Cô em họ Hijiri Kasuga của cậu cũng bị cuốn sang 1 thế giới […] 4.22 / 5 135 votes

Vodka 2l Prix, Bouton Dur Sur La Peau Des Testicules, Zineb Triki Interview, Décomposer 320 En Produit De Facteur Premier, Les Composants Passifs Et Actifs De Lélectronique Pdf, Une Des Neuf Muses En 5 Lettres,


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