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This alliance was significant for Burgundy because it connected the duchy to the English crown and frustrated the French. In January 1477, once again trying to expand his territories, Charles was involved in a war against the free cities of the Rhine valley and, despite a string of losses, decided to press on. Marie de Bourgogne: Date of birth: 13 February 1457 Brussels metropolitan area: Date of death: 27 March 1482 Bruges: Manner of death "Mary of Burgundy (1457–1482) Exotic animals were brought to her as pets from around the world. You may have already requested this item. Name variations: Catherine Valois; Catherine de Valois. Mary's personal seal was a picture of herself on horseback with a falcon on her wrist. Margeret of York, Duchess of Burgundy 1446–1503. He brought his daughter with him to Treves, where he intended to persuade Frederick to bestow upon him the title "King of the Romans" in return for Mary's promised betrothal. found: Enc. Maria 'de Rijke'. Several cousins and other children from noble families lived with the heiress as playmates during her childhood. Most of these were not French-speaking territories, and they feared a great loss of cultural independence if France took over. They accused her advisors of conspiring with the king of France against the people of Burgundy, but chose to assume that Mary was personally innocent of the arrangements. Charles was a strict ruler, and the women were especially needed to pacify dissatisfied factions and build loyalty. Died in 1465 or 1466; daughter of Agnes of Burgundy (d. 1476) and Charles I, duke of Bourbon (r. 1434–1456); second wife of Charles the Bold (1433–1477), duke of Burgundy (r. 1467–1477); children: Mary of Burgundy (1457–1482, who married Maximilian I, Holy Roman emperor). Ghent and several other major cities sent ambassadors to France to meet with Louis XI and negotiate a peace treaty. Therefore, that information is unavailable for most content. Nancy L. Locklin , Ph.D. candidate, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. In this respect, she was something of a hostage; as long as she was in their care, the people of Ghent knew the duke could not ignore them. This uprising was put down by the ducal army that resided in the city, but Mary had to vow to make amends to the city and find a peaceful solution. De Berente, M. Histoire des ducs de Bourgogne de la maison Valois, 1364–1477. Genealogy profile for Marie de Bourgogne Marie de Bourgogne (1426 - 1475) - Genealogy Genealogy for Marie de Bourgogne (1426 - 1475) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Notice de type Personne Point d'accès autorisé . It was said at the time that the people of a country always adore the child of their prince while she is young, but hate her as soon as she becomes the governor. Birth • 7 Sources. Not much is known about Mary's education, but it is clear that she could speak French, Flemish, and English. He knew it would cause turmoil, and he cared little for the unwritten code of honor between nobles that would have prevented him from sharing a private correspondence with others. Enfin, pour empêcher ce mariage, Louis XI va jusqu’à demander la main de Marie pour son propre fils, âgé d'un an seulement, avec promesse de donner Amiens et Saint-Quentin en Picardie. They gathered up the magistrates who had been chosen under Charles' authority and executed them in the square. DIED: February 8, 1587 • Northamptonshire, England Within the “Cite this article” tool, pick a style to see how all available information looks when formatted according to that style. This would be contested hotly after her death by the people of Ghent and the Estates General. He also claimed that the duchess had agreed to marry his son against the wishes of her subjects. The wedding was performed by proxy on April 22, 1477, and Maximilian began his journey from Cologne to Ghent, where the actual ceremony would be repeated in person on August 18. He shamelessly courted several alliances, possibly without the intention of honoring any of them. Fille unique du duc de Bourgogne Charles le Téméraire et de sa seconde épouse Isabelle de Bourbon. Marie de Bourgogne; ou, le Grand Heritage. Her death was a great loss to her subjects; for she was a person of great honor, affability, and generosity to all people, and she was more beloved and respected by her subjects than her husband, as being natural sovereign of their country. 1457-1482. Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps, Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Retrieved October 17, 2020 from At her father's death at the siege of Nancy in January 1477, Mary was nineteen years old. Mary of Burgundy was still a child for the first several years of traveling, and Margaret of York took responsibility for the girl's education. Maria van Bourgondië (Brussel, 13 februari 1457 — Brugge, 27 maart 1482) was hertogin van Bourgondië, Brabant, Limburg, Luxemburg en Gelre, gravin van Vlaanderen, Artesië, Holland, Zeeland, Henegouwen, Namen en Franche-Comté, en vrouwe van Mechelen. Mary's great-aunt (possibly Agnes of Burgundy ) was responsible for arranging the series of governesses that educated the young lady. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, cannot guarantee each citation it generates. Goemaere, 1945. Maximilian grieved publicly for her, and did not remarry for many years. Marie de Bourgogne, -- 1457-1482 -- Biographies. Brit., 15th ed. Rendez-vous: 13 février 1457 - 27 mars 1482. As things stood, however, the Flemish cities were pleased with her choice, because an Austrian duke was more likely to respect their culture and language than was the French king. Charles the Bold: The Last Valois Duke of Burgundy. While she dealt with formal petitions in her chambers, people in the streets rose up, setting fire to the prison and the hall of justice. ." Maximilian I, who had many illegitimate children, also married Bianca Maria Sforza (1472–1510). Louis XI justified his invasion of Burgundy by pointing out the lack of a male heir; French law did not recognize a woman's right to inherit land, and thus he considered the land to be leaderless. Marie de Bourgogne Maria Burgund, Herzogin 1457-1482 Maria Burgundzka (cesarzowa rzymsko-niemiecka ; 1457-1482) Marie hertuginne av Burgund Marie de Bourgogne эрцгерцогиня австрийская, императрица Священной Римской империи 1457-1482 Marie de Bourgogne, regina dei Paesi Bassi, 1457 … Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. This time, however, Charles' ambition proved too much. MARIE DE BOURGOGNE (1457-1482) duchesse de Bourgogne, fille unique de Charles le Téméraire et d? Maximilian and Marie De Bourgogne (DVD) : After her father's death, Marie of Burgundy is the richest heiress in Europe, but the sharp-minded woman resists the citizens of Ghent who try to force her into a marriage with nine-year-old Charles, the French King Louis' son. In Brussels, on September 2, 1481, while Maximilian was again absent, Mary had a third child, another son whom she named Frederic. . Mary of Burgundy died on March 27, 1482, with her husband and children nearby. Some of them, in fact, may have received such assurances. During that same month, Mary of Burgundy wrote to Louis XI on the advice of Margaret of York and her other top advisors, the lords Ravenstein, Humbercourt, and Hugonet. Therefore, it’s best to use citations as a starting point before checking the style against your school or publication’s requirements and the most-recent information available at these sites: Many were moved by the sight of their princess, and a fight broke out between those who wanted to free the prisoners and those who wanted them killed. Joplin •Alun, Malin, Tallinn •Jacklin • franklin •chaplain, Chaplin •ratline •Carlin, marlin, marline, Stalin •Helen, Llewelyn •Mechlin •Emlyn, greml…, Llewelyn •Alun, Malin, Tallinn •Jacklin • franklin •chaplain, Chaplin •ratline •Carlin, marlin, marline, Stalin •Helen, Llewelyn •Mechlin •Emlyn, gre…, French educator and founder of the Ursuline Order in New France (Canada) . It bordered France, Austria, and the English territories in the northeast part of continental Europe. Mary, aged ten at the time, had been staying at Ghent. They shared a special devotion to the cult of St. Colette , a reformer of convents in Burgundy and France. Her later actions as reigning duchess suggest that she was prepared early in life to govern. Il prétend même Marie de Bourgogne atteinte de la syphilis. © 2019 | All rights reserved. Her injuries did not at first seem serious enough to warrant fetching a doctor, but during the next few days she developed a serious fever and asked for the last rites to be performed. It's all about family. NY: St. Martins Press, 1989. Unfortunately, Maximilian was soon caught up in the fight with France over territory. Born Marie de Bourgogne the only child of Charles "The Bold" Duc de Bourgogne and Isabel de Bourbon. Marie de Bourgogne, Duchesse de Bourgogne (1457-1452), daughter of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy from the House of Valois-Burgundy and Isabella de Bourbon. As the only child of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and his wife Isabella of Bourbon, she was the heiress to the vast Burgundian domains in France and the Low Countries upon her father's sudden death on 5 January 1477. Maximilian was absent for long periods, and he missed the birth and baptism of his first born child when on June 22, 1478, Mary gave birth to the boy who would someday reign as Philip I the Fair. Somehow, though she was an accomplished rider, Mary was thrown from her horse. (under Mary (Burgundy): Mary, also called Mary of Burgundy, French, Marie de Bourgogne, b. France was a very real threat to Burgundy; Mary's letter may have been an acknowledgment of France's power or a device to buy some time. Starting when Mary was only a child, her father promised her to a long line of suitors, including Ferdinand of Aragon, Nicholas of Lorraine, George, duke of Clarence (brother of Margaret of York), Duke Francis II of Brittany, the dauphin Charles (the future Charles VIII), Charles of Berry, Philibert of Savoy, Nicholas of Anjou, and Maximilian (I), the Habsburg archduke and heir to the Austrian empire. Marie de Bourgogne, Duchesse de Bourgogne (1457-1482), daughter of Charles the… Find this Pin and more on Bryn B Bergwall. Mary's grandmother, Isabella of Portugal (1397–1471), filled the role of godmother. Age 25. Wijnendale, Roeselare, West Flanders, Belgium, North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979 ; Together, they served as patrons of the Ghent guild of St. Anne . Mary's mother was Isabelle of Bourbon , the second wife of Charles. Sadly, Frederic died only a few months later. POPULATION: 660,000 This ploy worked; the enraged ambassadors returned to Ghent and confronted Mary with the letter. Marie de Bourgogne. 1482. The two were welcomed and celebrated everywhere they went. Since the duke could not be everywhere at once, it was important for ducal representatives to make appearances in each of the major cities. Vaughn, Richard. Mary tried every political tool at her disposal to free the men from custody; when those failed, she attempted an emotional appeal. schema: name. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. 1457 - 1482. Scoble, Andrew R., ed. Against advice, he laid siege to the city of Nancy, which was defended by a Swiss army. Even if the letter was real, however, Louis was considered by contemporaries to be devious for his use of it. Enfant unique de Charles le Téméraire de Bourgogne et d'Isabelle de Bourbon, Marie de Bourgogne devint souveraine de ses terres après la mort de son père en 1477. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Some believe she was pregnant with her fourth child at the time of her death. They were both young, attractive, and known for their intelligence and courage. In the letter, co-signed by her advisors, Mary humbly addressed the king of France as her godfather and suggested that she would consider his offer. Ironically, Flanders and other central European lands had often passed down through female hands, and those territories did not welcome France's intrusion. Name variations: Marie of Burgundy; Marie de Bourgogne; Maria van Bourgund; Duchess of Burgundy and Luxemburg; Queen of the Low Countries; (sometimes incorrectly known as Margaret of Burgundy because she has historically been confused with Margaret of York). He had most recently dismissed all of their magistrates and enforced the election of an entire new council. Lady Hallewijn was a constant companion and loyal attendant to Mary throughout her life. 1457. Marie de Bourgogne (1457-1482) forme internationale français. They both enjoyed riding and hunting. Marie de Bourgogne, née à Dijon en 1386 et morte à Thonon-les-Bains le 8 octobre 1422, est une noble issue de la dynastie française des Valois devenue comtesse puis duchesse de Savoie à la suite de son mariage avec Amédée VIII de Savoie. Elle est la fille de Philippe, dit le Hardi, duc de Bourgogne et de Marguerite III de Flandre. Afin de voir une sélection de notices, veuillez sélectionner au moins une notice dans la liste de résultats. Mary and Maximilian seem to have had an ideal marriage. Marie de Bourgogne (1457-1482) Recueil de lettres et de pièces originales, et de copies de pièces indiquées comme telles dans le dépouillement qui suit. FamilySearch believes that families bring joy and meaning to life. Geneanet. A stern ruler, Maximilian was becoming hated and feared in some Burgundian cities. Name variations: Isabel or Isabella of Bourbon. Maria van Bourgondië. The exposure of the heiress to so many of her subjects also served to encourage love and loyalty for her, something she would sorely need in the coming years. Thus, the citizens formally convicted these two men of treason and sentenced them to death. Exporter en RDF. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. Maximilian I Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches, Philipp I. von Österreich König von Kastilien und León, Margarete von Österreich Fürstin von Asturien und Herzogin von Savoyen, Charles "Le Téméraire" De Bourgogne Duke Of Burgundy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Marie de Bourgogne, née à Bruxelles le 13 février 1457 et morte en Flandre au château des ducs de Bourgogne à Bruges le 27 mars 1482, fut duchesse de Bourgogne, de Brabant, de Lothier, de Gueldre, de Limbourg et de Luxembourg, comtesse de Flandre, d'Artois, de Bourgogne, de Hainaut, de Hollande, de Zélande, de Namur, de Charolais et de Zutphen, marquise du Saint-Empire, dame de Frise, de Malines et de Salins.

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