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Related:  How We Made Over $17,500 Blogging Last Month. The sum of all Fans of a particular Facebook Page. If you want to use Facebook ads to heighten brand awareness, drive traffic, or even find new clients, this is the most value-oriented group I’ve come across. Thank you, Meredith, for this article, it helps a lot! Facebook's Biggest Groups 2017 | Complete List: When it comes to Facebook's biggest groups in 2017 the list of the top sixteen performers are a mix of celebrity and obvious high authority sites online. ; Around seven-in-ten U.S. adults (69%) use Facebook. Keep up the good work! I’m going to join all of them. As a member of The Smart Passive Income Community, you can discuss online business, blogging, podcasting, and other online business interests with the other members of the group. With a high activity level and 7,000+ members, you’ll find the community and advice you are looking for within this group. Do you know of such similar groups with a large number of college students? The publication uses Facebook Groups to connect with an audience that deeply aligns with issues and initiatives the brand also cares deeply about. With 46,941 members and 423 new posts just today, this may not be a “tight knit community” but you surely will learn a thing or two in no time. The world’s biggest and most-famous social network was launched by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a student at Harvard University, in early 2004. @daynetopkin. Talk about a high level of engagement! Every year, Gold's Gym hosts The Gold's Gym Challenge where members sign-up for a 12-week fitness program. Thanks again. Have tried some groups and it helps me to increase my blog traffic.! Ultimately, Groups give businesses the chance to engage with their audience in a more meaningful and authentic way than they ever could using their Page. I am already in in couple of them and a few others I did not know about. The Inspired Bloggers Network is an extremely active group with new threads posted daily, so if you’re looking to learn from one of the best, this is a great place to start. Your email address will not be published. Like some of the other groups in this list, Peloton created a private community, meaning members need to request access. It’s not a comprehensive Facebook groups directory (no such thing exists) but they’re all super active, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Awesome list! Your email address will not be published. The group drives engagement by encouraging its members to share their recipes and stand a chance of having that recipe featured on their website, Thanks! When she's not blogging, you can find her teaching, whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen, or exploring the great outdoors with her husband. This group was created by Richard Lazazzera (Founder of A Better Lemonade Stand). So, we took some time and scoured the web to find businesses who do a really good job at utilizing Groups to engage and delight their customers, and prospects too, in new and exciting ways. Members share recipes, ideas for substitutes, and cooking tips. As such, we’ve put together a large list of an additional 47 open Facebook groups you can join. If you’re in the business, blogging, or finance niche, the above list is likely right up your alley. See the top 20 clients. An extremist group dedicated to “protecting Jews from antisemitism by whatever means necessary”, the Jewish Defense League has long been seen as a terrorist organization within the US. They will definitely increase the traffic to your blog. All rights reserved. If you'd like to learn more about how you can use Groups as a part of your Facebook Marketing Strategy, check out HubSpot Academy's new Facebook Marketing Course. Interestingly, they have established, regular meetups in over 400 cities worldwide, so if you’re looking to network with other influencers in person, this is a great place to get started. Once again thanks for this piece, I so appreciate this article. Two of the largest groups on Facebook, including the largest at over 5.8 ... Facebook users love genealogy. Published by J. Clement, Sep 2, 2020 As of August 2020, male and female users aged 25 to 34 years were the biggest group of Facebook users in … Great list indeed. The 25 Facebook Groups with Over 1 Million Members. Click the image below to get the niche-specific Facebook groups list delivered straight to your inbox. Individuals aged 25 to 34 years made up the largest group of Facebook users by age in the United Kingdom (UK), as of October 2020. Blog Passion Project is still relatively small (under 1,000 members) which is super helpful in creating a tight knit community among other bloggers in the group. From growing your email list to having a successful product launch, join 15,000 other business owners and get help with it all. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. They rarely ever promote their products within the Group, outside of the occasional giveaway where members can enter to win prizes to use with their Instant Pot. In Blogging 101 is an essential for any good Facebook groups list. The team behind the Red Bull page is extremely in tune with their target audience. I never really had time to dedicate to Facebook, since I was focused on other social media platforms, but I’m sure that connecting with other bloggers will help me grow my website and my personal brand. At Online Business Mastermind, Lewis Howes encourages you to ask the tough questions so that you can receive actionable steps in response (to help you achieve your answer). Groups are nothing new to the marketing world, but they present a variety of interesting business opportunities. Explore groups and communities to find one that you connect with. This eCommerce group is a great place to learn and network with like-minded entrepreneurs. Here are the 20 lobbying groups that spent the most in Washington, DC in 2018. Like MobileMonkey, Canva's Group — Canva Design Circle — is product-specific where members can make the most out of their tool through Canva's Design School. Similarly to Instant Pot, Peloton — an American company that makes high-end exercise equipment and hosts virtual fitness classes — created the Official Peloton Member private group where anyone who owns one of their products can connect and network with others who have Peloton's products, too. Hacking has grown massively in the past few years. Michael Jackson: (22,690,496 Fans) Again calls to action are very evident with the goal here to sell … I have also taken the list of groups by niche. Groups based on … Total Fan Count. This list is very helpful. How We Made Over $17,500 Blogging Last Month, Facebook Open Groups List to Explode Your Business, How to Find Facebook Groups to Join (by Niche), How You Can Make Your First $1,000 Blogging, Building relationships and/or networking with other thought leaders in your area. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. When it comes to the art of inspiring and being a voice for … 15. The top companies and groups spend large sums of money to push their policy objectives to their own benefit. That level of engagement is unheard of on a business Page. US Chamber of Commerce topped the list of lobbying clients in 2019, spending $77,245,000. We’re Jeff and Ben, two entrepreneurs sharing with you what we’ve learned about blogging and online business. MobileMonkey's business Page only has 6,000 followers. Meredith is the founder of Write Your Story: a blog focused on her passion of living a healthy and budget friendly lifestyle. Facebook has more than 2.45 billion monthly active users. Honda, Unilever and Coke are among the biggest brands to halt advertising on Facebook, part of a growing boycott organized by civil rights groups. From things like ad budget and targeting, to landing page optimization and conversion deficiencies, they cover that, the Facebook Pixel, and more. If you’re looking to up your content marketing game, this is the place to be. Instead of creating, or even building, a separate community, MobileMonkey does a really great job at meeting their users where they're already active — on social media. It really goes a long way to get me connecting with other bloggers, you guys are awesome. I note some groups that I will follow up and see how things would work. With that out of the way, if your business is a good fit, then I would totally recommend joining Facebook Ad Hacks. Great collection of Facebook groups. How We Made $17,640 Blogging this Month (April 2018), 10 Best WordPress Plugins You Need To Monetize a Blog. Kids’ Crafts and Activities. On average, the group sees over 4,000 posts every month. [Blueprint for $1K] How to Get Your First…, Make Extra Money: 100+ Genius Ways to Increase…. Facebook groups are one of the Best places for small vendors, Housewives, Students to easily connect and Buy & Sell Stuff. This group is highly active and has 35,600+ members, so you’ll have plenty of “teachers” to learn from. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Here are nine Facebook Groups that are crushing it to help inspire your future Facebook marketing strategy. If you enjoy participating in conversations, building meaningful relationships, receiving support and advice, and having fun while learning how to rock your blog or business, Rock Your Blog & Biz is perfect for you. They are an excellent place for two-way communication between businesses and their customers. Once in the group, members can share ideas about content challenges, projects they're working on, and even share ideas for courses they would like to see HubSpot Academy produce in the future. Meredith Helm - Posted: Jun 6, 2018 | Updated: Jun 5, 2019. The exclusive community adds an element of value to their experience. Members: 66,000. This is … And when it comes to exercise, this type of network or group provides value to its members as they're able to share exercise plans, techniques, schedules, and training methods with one another. Thanks. If you’re in a love/hate relationship with Facebook ads, this is the place to be. Cheers guys! If you enjoy participating in conversations, building meaningful relationships, … First founded in the late 1960s by a New York rabbi named Meir Kahane, the JDL had been in a decline since the 90s, when Kahane and his son were both murdered. It is a closed group, so members need to request to be a part of it. One thing is true for all of Facebook's biggest groups, they have MASSIVE fan followings. A large Facebook groups list is absolutely essential for: Now, if you don’t have a large Facebook groups list yet, don’t fret, you can steal my list of some of the most popular Facebook groups around (all linked below). For more information, check out our privacy policy. One of the highest members groups around, there’s 62,000 other advanced Facebook advertisers always present to bounce ideas back and forth off of. Thanks a lot for this post meredith its really helpful and i love it. By creating these competitions or incentives they're encouraging members to participate in the community and connect with other members. This is a great example of a brand using Facebook Groups to create an environment where members who share a common interest — in this case, cooking with the Instant Pot — can interact and engage. In fact, for a long time, Pages were the reason many businesses joined Facebook in the first place. This is an incredibly active group so you’ll be sure to learn a lot from the members in no time, as well as have a great platform to share your questions and insight as well. Okay — shameless-plug, we know — but there are a few reasons why HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing Pros Group makes the list. And there are more than 10 million groups on Facebook. Using an effective Facebook groups list can help explode your blog or business’s growth in several ways. Marketing automation software. Their Facebook Group, however, has a staggering 32,400 members. The first list shows the overall 50 biggest interest groups. Ukrainians are now one of the top groups resettled as refugees in the U.S. under Trump administration An attendee signs in at a government-required cultural orientation class in Kent, Wash. ; Male users (19.3%) and female users (13.2%) between the ages of 25 and 34 years are the biggest demographic group on Facebook. Best place to buy and sell online. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Be courteous to already existing conversations and do your best to provide value to a group before promoting your blog or business. Glossary & Metrics Overview. The same can be said for businesses, too. Better yet, say hello to thousands of fellow small business owners who are also on the lookout for potential collaboration opportunities. Let's take a look at seven of the biggest social media platforms today: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit. The Rising Tide Society, founded by Natalie Franke of San Francisco, USA, is a gold mine for entrepreneurs. © 2019 VTX Capital, LLC. In the past, businesses looking to market using Facebook had one major tool at their disposal — their Facebook Page. And if a Group is public, it's a great place for prospects, too. We're committed to your privacy. They also offer limited trouble-shooting in the case that any customers experience any issues or have product-specific questions. Best place to recommend goods and services across USA, Canada and rest of the world. At Blog Society, you’ll find advice on affiliate marketing, blogging, and creative biz. If you’re looking to connect with other small business owners or bloggers, this is the group for you. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. USA MarketPlace ( Buy & Sell) has 181,352 members. See all integrations. 4,000! Elementor, a WordPress page builder plugin, has a Facebook group that consists of just over 50,000 members. They used Facebook Groups to create a space where current, and past, members can share their progress on their 12-week challenge, find support, and document their journey. This is a great example of a company using Groups to help members navigate their product in a larger community with other members who might be sharing similar challenges. It’s a closed group so you’ll need to be approved by admins before you can join. Thanks. When it comes to the art of inspiring and being a voice for change, there are very few who do it quite as well as National Geographic. Where they really excel, however, is using their group to drive engagement. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. Are you using a large Facebook groups list to help grow your blog or online business? When you're thinking about how you can incorporate Groups as a part of your Facebook strategy, remember to think of it as an additional resource that you're providing to your customers and prospects. National Geographic. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '3bd2a7ee-51f7-4038-bddd-9680494e92dd', {}); Originally published Mar 18, 2020 7:00:00 AM, updated September 02 2020, 9 of The Best Facebook Groups We've Ever Seen, HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing Pros Group, Facebook's Testing New Email Marketing Tools: Here's What We Know So Far, Why the HubSpot Social Team Developed a Private Facebook Group and How It Impacted Our Audience. Work With Class is all about its members contributing opinions and ideas about online business and blogging.

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